Das Nachtjäger Fähnlein

We are a family-oriented unit based in Ohio that portrays a German mercenary group known as Landsknecht, from 1486 to 1560. Our group is called Das Nachtjäger Fähnlein (the Nighthunter Company) and can be found at http://www.wyvernproductions.com/landsknecht/

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Web Site Updated

Most of the web site (http://www.wyvernproductions.com/landsknecht/) is updated. There are lots of new pictures from the 2005 season (and a few new ones in past seasons as well). I hope everyone likes the new look.

A warning to those with slower internet connections: There are movies throughout the site. Some are very large and will take some time to load. Some of the picture links are pretty large, too.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Year and New Photos

Sunday, January 15, at 2:00 p.m., Das Nachtjager Fahnlein will hold it's annual planning meeting at the London, OH Public Library.

This meeting is open to anyone interested in the group and will include discussion of events and demonstrations.

In other news, we're compiling all the footage (both photo and video) of 2005 events and will be posting new pictures to the web site soon.

We are recruiting at the Living History Trade Fair, February 4th & 5th, in Fremont, OH. Stop in and see us!

Monday, May 09, 2005

New season starts with a bang

Whew! The last couple of weekends have been busy for Das Nachtjager Fahnlein.

April 30-May 1 found us at the Ashville Viking Festival. While chilly, this was great fun - especially our "what if" battle against the Viking Shield wall. Now we really know why Ash poles were used!

May 7 took us to The Ohio State University for the Medieval and Renaissance Festival on the Oval. The weather was bright and sunny, the company was good - and Schmidt's afterwards was a perfect ending to a beautiful day.

Be sure to check our site frequently for photos of the events we're at.

See us on May 21-22 at Ravenwood Castle's Medieval May Faire. Just look for the blue and yellow marquee tent!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas to all!

My husband is digging our garage out for guests tomorrow. Nine to 20 inches depending on where it drifted, and the top three inches is ice. My daughter is playing happily near the Christmas tree, and I'm taking a break in between batches of cookies (peanut butter and chocolate chip are done, now it's time for peanut butter blossoms - the one with the Hershey's Kiss in the center). Every hour, we visit http://www.noradsanta.org to see how Santa is progressing across the continents.

Tonight, after little eyes are fast asleep, Santa's elves will throw "A Christmas Story" in to watch while we put batteries in everything that needs them. Some day I will actually order THE lamp (http://www.funnytummy.com/christmas/christmas-story-leg-lamp.html), and yes - it will be in our front window with all the other Christmas decorations!. There will be two plates under the tree - one with carrots for the reindeer and one with cookies for Santa (haven't talked my daughter into the cheese plate yet - LOL)

So, we say Merry Christmas to all!

Frau Anna Bleucher

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ohio Renaissance Festival Student Day #1

Points to ponder:

Perhaps we should tell the cast that when the kids take a pike college, they get a parchment certificate that states they are immune to sumptuary laws so that the cast can play up on that?

How many jesters have you seen that carry a 16-foot pike and a sword? (Okay, that's not just student days.)

Do I really look like the Queen? Danke! I'm quite flattered, but I'm not sure Her Majesty would be! (this is not limited to myself, but it appears that some kids thought the Queen had a beard and carried a pike).

If you can find soldiers throughout the village, how come there aren't questions to ask them?

Yes, it is a real gun/sword/pike/halberd and no, I won't shoot/slice/stab/hack your friend. (Gee, haven't heard that for at least 10 minutes).

You really don't want to know what is in the tent.

There are SO many uses for urine:
  • How do you make a match for a matchlock?
  • Can't get that vegetable dye to stay?
  • Need to bleach that chemise?

What is so funny about a keg at a mercenary encampment that it requires pointing and giggling?

I wish they'd stop asking why I carry my mug/cup/bowl on my side when I'm holding my mug in my hand.

Frau Anna Bleucher

Gewebe Herrin
Nachtjager Fahnlein


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